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Zems Film Acting Center coming soon...

Paul Chiedozie

Zems Film Acting centre was closed down due to lack of government funding and support

but as of 2020 it is rumoured that the school will be relocating and re-opening. 


Zems will be going into partnership with this endeavour and will keep every posted. 

Webseries & Zflix...

Zems is going into pre-production as of late 2020

to bring forth its very own new channel to be hosted by youtube, that will bring regular show stopping, boldly content. 

The ins and outs of its premises is still a mystery at this point but all we know is that you

can look forward to a new channel in town that will bring narratives and visual like never

before regularly.

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East London studio has arrived!!!...

Zems has open a small studio to hire in the East London area!

This studio will be use for photography and small videography work. 

Work from the studio will be posted shortly. so stay tuned.